Asbestos Training

AAA Environmental has original Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approvals for the following Asbestos Courses: Initial AHERA Supervisor, AHERA Inspector/Management Planner, AHERA Worker, and AHERA Project Designer; along with the annual refreshers.  Also, AAA offers Asbestos Roofer Training for Supervisor and Workers.  AHERA Worker and Roofer Worker can be provided in both English and Spanish languages.  AHERA Operations and Maintenance is proved with approval through SCDHEC.  Also, AAA offers the NIOSH 582 Equivalent course for air monitors, approved through NC-DHHS.
AHERA Inspector
AHERA Inspector Refresher
AHERA Management Planner
AHERA Management Planner Refresher
AHERA Supervisor
AHERA Supervisor Refresher
AHERA Project Designer
AHERA Project Designer Refresher
OSHA-AHERA Operations & Maintenance (OSHA Class III)
OSHA-AHERA Operations & Maintenance Refresher (OSHA Class III)
AHERA Worker Initial (English)
AHERA Worker Refresher (English)
AHERA Worker Refresher (Spanish)
Asbestos Roofer Supervisor Ref.
Asbestos Roofer Worker Ref. (Eng)
Asbestos Roofer Supervisor Initial
Asbestos Roofer Worker (Eng.)
Asbestos Roofer Worker Ref.(Sp)
NIOSH 582 Equivalent
Asbestos Worker Initial (Spansih)
Asbestos Awareness