Industrial Hygiene

Indoor Air Quality Investigations

AAA Environmental has multiple years of experience completing Indoor Air Quality and Indoor Environmental Quality Investigations, conducting their initial study in 1991 at a local public school.

Asbestos Inspections

Asbestos identification and removal is a serious concern for building owners and constructors.

Project Designs and Project Management

AAA has completed project design specifications for the removal of asbestos, lead-based paint, mold, and other hazardous materials remediation (such as mercury).

Lead based Paint Inspection

Abatement and RRP activities may sometimes look similar, but they are not! Abatement is a specialized activity designed to address lead in the homes or children occupied facilities.

Regulatory Regulations

AAA Environmental provides support in interpreting regulatory compliance through state or federal regulations.

Exposure Monitoring

Industrial Hygiene consists of a science devoted to the prevention of occupational illness. Exposure to chemicals and other work place health hazards can lead to disease or long term illness that may be indicative of exposure.

Respiratory Protection

AAA Environmental has staff that can fit-test employees for respirator use in the asbestos, lead, mold and construction industries. Fit-testing is required for all employees that will have to wear a negative pressure respirator. Our staff has training to complete both qualitative and quantitative fit-testing procedures. This process ensure both correct selection and fit of respirators as well as complies with the OSHA Respiratory Protection Standard.