Pamela A. Smith

President & Training Manager


Ms. Pamela A. Smith, President and Training Manager, began her career with AAA Environmental in 1988.  Prior to AAA, Ms. Smith was a Safety Officer for a commercial roofing company.  Ms. Smith has an established rapport with state environmental regulators through her years of working, not only as a training instructor, but also as a project manager in the field.  Ms. Smith, as a licensed Project Designer, has written project specifications and oversaw contractors in the removal of asbestos, mold, mercury, and lead-based paint projects, including the full demolitions of buildings.  These projects ranged from small dollar amounts to 10+ million in size.  Ms. Smith has participated in the investigation of approximately 70 Indoor Air Quality Projects. Along with completing site investigations, Ms. Smith often serves as a spokesperson for clients when addressing teachers, parents, and the news media.

Ms. Smith is able to read and provide interpretation of state and federal regulations, along with the knowledge of how to research interpretations of regulations. Ms. Smith is the primary author of the training courses and is responsible for the submittal and update of AAA Environmental's training course materials. Along with being an approved EPA and State Trainer for Asbestos and Lead-based Paint courses,  Ms. Smith is an authorized instructor for OSHA's General Industry, Construction 10 and 30-hour courses, and Disaster Relief Worker. Ms. Smith is a graduate of Spartanburg Methodist College.  

Certified Environmental and Safety Compliance Officer (CESCO) #718539

AHERA Supervisor
AHERA Inspector/Management Planner
AHERA Project Design
NIOSH 582 Equivalent
Asbestos Roofer Supervisor

Lead-based Paint Supervisor
Lead-based Paint RRP Renovator

OSHA Authorized Instructor Construction Safety and Health
OSHA Authorized Instructor General Industry Safety and Health
OSHA Authorized Instructor Disaster Site Worker